Afghan Diesel

A sweet cerebral buzz perfect for all day medication
About Afghan Diesel

A sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain is a descendent of Afghani and Sour Diesel.

This bud is often deep purple and always has a distinctive grapefruit scent, with a taste that is sweet and citrusy due to its high rate of myrcene and linalool terpenes.

Afghani Diesel produces a very relaxing but cerebral high, and is a good strain for all day medication.

The medical uses of this strain include treatment of anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and depression.

1 Review
6 months ago
Afghan Diesel is a Sativa Dominant strain with with beautiful dark purple/green buds covered a a few fluffy dark brown "hairs" and sweet roasted peanut smell. Its' effects leaves the mind very creative and free to explore as the body stays motivated and full of energy. Afghan Diesel as you expected has a diesel taste with a sweet fruit aftertaste. This is a great strain to enjoy in the evening after a long day.
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