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Dr. Feelgood

A strain high in both CBD and THC, designed to make you Feel Good!


About Dr. Feelgood

A blend of Harlequin with Gupta Kush, Colorado Seed Inc. created Dr. Feelgood to make sure that patients feel good.

This strain possesses a dual potency, as many phenotypes of this strain have nearly as much CBD as it does THC, though specific percentages can be rare for this hard-to-find strain.

Those who have tried this potent bud report that the combination of THC with CBD in this strain give a truly euphoric effect, fully relaxing body and mind and leaving its patients clear-headed and ready to do whatever they need.

These bright green buds are coated with a snowy blanket of trichomes and a host of thin orange pistils.

This strain is incredibly versatile, so may help some patients relieve symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, epilepsy, chronic pain, and depression.