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Early Skunk

Despite its name, this sweet strain is one of the most rewarding


About Early Skunk

A combination of the notorious Skunk #1 with the effervescent Early Pearl, Early Skunk is a fast flowering, high yielding, easy-to-grow bud that is perfectly suited for any level of cannabis enthusiast.

This indica-dominant plant thrives outdoors and can be counted on to flower in under 55 days in optimal conditions.

Those who have sampled Early Skunk regard the strain as a mellow, tranquilizing body high and a similarly calm cerebral effect.

The Chartreuse buds of this strain are lengthy and quite fluffy, decorated with pistils of bright lemon-colored pistils and furry trichomes between every calyx.

Producing a slight amount of the skunk smell that gives this strain's parent its name, this strain's aroma generally consists of sweet, fruity flowers.