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Flowerbomb Kush

Crossing Green Crack with OG Kush has got to produce something amazing


About Flowerbomb Kush

This 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup-winning strain was developed when Strain Hunter Seeds combined the phenomenal strains OG Kush and Green Crack.

What resulted was the deliciously unique indica-dominant bud Flowerbomb Kush, said to give its user an uplifting and stimulating head high alongside a physically calming body buzz.

Having tests of up to 20% THC, you can be fairly certain that this bud will satisfy most cannabis users needs without being overwhelmingly potent.

Buds of Flowerbomb Kush tend to be a deeply saturated pine tree green, each covered with a delicate frost of crystal trichomes and dotted in colorful pistils.

The smell coming off of these buds is nothing short of extraordinary, seamlessly blending woodsy pine fragrances with its delectably sweet taste.