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A legendary strain strong enough to spawn a mysterious tale


About G13

Allegedly, G-13 is the result of the CIA combining all of the best cannabis strains available into this ultra-potent hybrid. Rumor has it that it was cut from a plant at a top secret growing facility at the University of Mississippi, and made it into the hands of the legendary breeder Nevil Schoenmakers from a rebel who worked at the facility.

Whether or not this story is true, G13 is a strain worthy of its unbelievable history, as it has been shown to regularly test over 28% THC.

Cannabis users who have experienced this intensely potent hybrid have described its effects as nearly psychedelic, inducing insane levels of creativity and euphoria, meanwhile leaving your body tranquilized and feeling weightless.

Buds of G13 are super dense, deep jade in color, and very resinous; the outer layer of each of these flowers is encapsulated with a fine layer of glistening white trichomes and furry patches of rust-colored pistils.