God's Green Crack

A bud that is a head-rushing, physically relaxing gift from god
About God's Green Crack

God's Green Crack is the aptly named hybrid of God Bud and Green Crack that was created by Jordan of the Islands.

God's Green Crack fluidly combines the distinct effects of each of its parent strains, delivering a powerful energetic head-rushing buzz thanks to Green Crack, while God Bud's genes give this strain a physically relaxing body effect.

Information about this strain's potency can be difficult to find, but what we do know about God's Green Crack is that the strain tends to produce green or purple round buds that are dense and very, very furry, each one covered in its own host of fine orange pistils and dusty, potent trichomes.

These buds produce a sweet, woody aroma, that tastes surprisingly pleasant when smoked or vaped.

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