Golden Goat


An uplifting and energetic sativa-dominant hybrid with a deeply herbal aroma

About Golden Goat

Originally developed in Topeka, Kansas when the strain Island Sweet Skunk was accidentally pollinated by Hawaiian-Romulan Hybrid strain, Golden Goat is a sativa-dominant hybrid.

Patients have said that Golden Goat provides its user with an uplifted and energetic cerebral high, focused mainly on improving mood.

These flowers have quite an unusual aroma, as it exudes a deeply herbaceous aroma, mingling earthy smells together, though the taste of this strain seems to resemble over-ripened sweet fruit and citrus.

Golden Goat's green and pink-colored buds are intriguingly chunky, and covered with a potent array of dewy trichomes and pistils that have a peach hue, and these buds have been shown to have a THC level of between 16-22% THC.

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