Green Cheese

A unique blend of Cheese and Green Crack said to send the mind soaring in a happy head rush and mild sedation
About Green Cheese

Combining the beloved cannabis legends Green Crack and a phenotype of Cheese into this balanced hybrid strain, Green Cheese promises creative energy alongside physical relaxation.

Rumor has it that this strain delivers a fast-acting head rush that is known for inducing creativity, meanwhile a subtle buzz courses through your body, leaving you sedated and ready to relax.

Flowers of Green Cheese are said to have a stereotypical rich, pungent cheese aroma, that becomes sweeter as you smoke or vape it.

1 Review
5 months ago
Green Cheese is a well balanced Hybrid strain with strong indica effect. Green Cheese has dark green buds with small creamy trichomes with a strong pungent cheese smell. Its' effects will have the user feeling super energetic in minutes but as the high gets stronger, its' indica side will deliver warm waves of relaxation through the body leaving the user a bit sleepy and relaxed. Green Cheese has a sweet cheese and herbs taste.
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