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Green Goblin

Possibly a phenotype of Green Crack, Green Goblin will bring you a euphoric head rush and an unmatched level of energy


About Green Goblin

Allegedly, Green Goblin is either a phenotype of the insanely popular sativa Green Crack or it might just be a copy of with a less scary name; whatever the case, this sativa-dominant hybrid strain is likely a blend of Skunk #1 and Northern Lights. If it is the same strain, the name change was deliberate as a way to seem less “druggy.”


Buds of Green Goblin have been shown to test around 20 percent THC. It can reach up to 24 percent and have a CBD content of about 1 percent. This high THC content makes it a potent strain that beginners should be cautious with, especially when using it for the first time.


Said to provide intense mental stimulation, an energetic head rush, and a burst of focused euphoria, this strain is prone to be a favorite of any lover of intense sativa strains.

Most people who consume Green Goblin feel creative, energetic, dreamy, uplifted, and happy. The effects begin with a head buzz before relaxing into a body melt that is perfect for relaxation. The combination of stereotypical sativa effects and a relatively high THC content makes this strain popular among recreational users that want to enjoy a high without being forced into a weed nap.

Some people who use Green Goblin also experience a head buzz that leads to increased feelings of alertness and creativity.

Green Goblin is popular among medical marijuana users looking to experience relief from depression, nausea, and loss of appetite. Due to the low CBD content, this is not the most popular strain for medical marijuana, especially among those who need strong relief. However, medical marijuana patients who just need to relieve mild or moderate symptoms tend to find the desired results with Green Goblin. Users report the strain helping with pain, stress, depression, anxiety, appetite, and insomnia.

It is also important to discuss the potential side effects of Green Goblin, which are the typical ones you expect from cannabis. It is relatively common to experience dry eyes and dry mouth, both of which are easily remedied and should be unsurprising. Some people also experience some dizziness or paranoia, but this is not a given. Some people also report feeling over-energetic to an extreme level.

Flavor and Aroma

These flowers give off a sweet aroma of fresh mint. When smoked these buds take on a delightfully herbaceous flavor that blends mint, lemon, sage, and pine. You should also expect a skunky aroma that can be musky or earthy. Sometimes, you may also notice hints of diesel.

As you smoke Green Goblin, you may notice flavors of papaya and/or mango. Inhaling can give you flavors of fuel and citrus, along with some woodiness and licorice flavors.


Each of these nugs is bright green and fairly large, their lime green calyxes encased in a crust of gem-like trichomes and winding orange pistils. The buds are fat and distinctive with those orange hairs.

When grown in colder environments, Green Goblin can become Purple Goblin.

Other Information to Know

If you want to grow Green Goblin yourself, you should have no problems finding the seeds to do so. Clones are much more common on the West Coast than in other areas. Once you have your seeds, you should have no problem growing Green Goblin, even if you are a beginner.

Conveniently, this strain grows quickly compared to others, taking about 49 to 55 days. Beginners will also appreciate the lack of attention needed to grow Green Goblin, particularly compared to other strains. You will just need to do some bottom trimming as well as some top pruning to maximize your results at harvest.