Green Goblin

Possibly a phenotype of Green Crack, Green Goblin will bring you a euphoric head rush and an unmatched level of energy
About Green Goblin

Allegedly, Green Goblin is either a phenotype of the insanely popular sativa Green Crack or it might just be a copy of with a less scary name; whatever the case, this sativa-dominant hybrid strain is likely a blend of Skunk #1 and Northern Lights.

Said to provide intense mental stimulation, an energetic head rush, and a burst of focused euphoria, this strain is prone to be a favorite of any lover of intense sativa strains.

Buds of Green Goblin have been shown to test around 20% THC, and these flowers give off a sweet aroma of fresh mint.

Each of these nugs is bright green and fairly large, their lime green calyxes encased in a crust of gem-like trichomes and winding orange pistils, and when smoked these buds take on a delightfully herbaceous flavor that blends mint, lemon, sage, and pine.

1 Review
5 months ago
Green Goblin is a Sativa Dominant Strain that should be taken seriously. Its' buds are fluffy with a variety of shades of green covered by sticky crystal colors resines with a piney smell. Green Goblin will give the user a powerful energy shot, while keeping the mind focus and body "light" with no stress. Its' smoke is think and of fruity taste.
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