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Jah Kush

A balanced but mysterious strain that gives a seriously soothing head high and body stone


About Jah Kush

Probably created in Northern California, Jah Kush is a balanced hybrid with a mysterious heritage that is loved for its creative, uplifted high and sweet lemon flavor.

Those who have tried Jah Kush love that this strain energizes the mind while relaxing the body, which creates an overarching calmness that soothes stress, aches, pains, and tension effectively.

Jah Kush has fluffy spade-shaped flowers, the bright green calyxes dotted with thick auburn pistils and a heavy glaze of gem-like trichomes.

These buds will immediately intrigue you due to their bright lemon and lavender aroma, while their flavor is a slightly more musky take on ripe lemon just like a classic old-school strain would have.