Jenny Kush

A balanced hybrid from Rare Dankness that energizes and uplifts its user
About Jenny Kush

Jenny Kush, created by Rare Dankness, is a balanced hybrid strain named in honor of the late Jenny Kush, a cannabis activist from Denver.

This strain combines Rare Dankness #2 with Amnesia Haze, resulting in a euphoric bud with an energizing and creative head effect, and a body buzz that is particularly relaxing.

Flowers of Jenny Kush have an earthy aroma, brightened by a hint of citrus, and a slightly spicy flavor that is nicely accompanied by berries, lemon, and orange.

The buds themselves are deep moss green, contrasted by the few thick orange pistils and a glistening coat of trichomes.

1 Review
5 months ago
Jenny Kush is a nice Hybrid that is very rare outside Colorado. Its' buds are large and very fluffy with usually a nice plain shade of green with red "hairs" soaked in sticky resin with a Lemonade smell. Jenny Kush gives a nice euphoric feeling, making the brain creative and body relaxed for a long period of time. Jenny Kush has a sweet citric taste.
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