Rare Dankness

Rare Dankness

Nutrition Simplified; Terpenes Amplified

About Rare Dankness

Rare Dankness dates back to 2010 when it was founded by those with experience growing, preserving, collecting, and experimenting with various cannabis strains, including Scott “Moonshine” Reach. Rare Dankness has the support of an extensive network of friends and partners, which has allowed the company to work with some of the most sought after genetics.

As such, the brand’s selection includes some of the finest specimens of top strains in the world and spans three decades. The goal of Rare Dankness’s breeding is to complement the genetics of the mothers by breeding them with superior males. The overall goal is to give the medical marijuana community the highest quality genetics.

This Colorado-based company also believes that education is the path to legalization. Rare Dankness breeds seeds in its base in Colorado and only sells to dispensaries in the state. It does not ship its seeds. The related company, RD Genetics/Rare Dankness, has its base in Europe. It produces in Spain while using a UK distributor. That branch also does not ship its seeds anywhere.

Rare Dankness also has a strain of the same name, which is a cross of a Ghost OG female with an inbred Chemdawg male.


Colorado Springs, CO, USA
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