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Jolly Rancher

A sweet-tasting hybrid known for its big buds and big effects


About Jolly Rancher

A strain that got its name for its sweet and sour fruit candy taste, Jolly Rancher is a west coast hybrid with an undiscovered genetic history.

Those who have a had the opportunity to sample Jolly Rancher note that this strain is whimsically euphoric, inundating its user with a relaxed state of mind and a contagious case of the giggles and a physically sedative effect.

Jolly Rancher's buds are big and a medley of hues of green, each one has a collection of auburn pistils and a generous helping of beautiful trichomes.

The fragrance that comes off of this strain is almost as sweet as its taste, as pronounced floral, blueberry, and raspberry come from Jolly Rancher's buds.