Little Dragon

A shockingly potent sativa-dominant hybrid that tastes just like a tropical smoothie
About Little Dragon

Little Dragon is a particularly rare and extremely potent sativa-dominant strain that combines Colombian, Thai, and OG Kush cannabis strains.

Buds of Little Dragon are emerald green and extremely dense, and each trichome-covered bud will tend to have a potency of about 24-28% THC.

Patients who have had the opportunity to try Little Dragon describe this strain as particularly uplifting, effortlessly relieving pain while bringing a creative and functional high to its patient.

The aroma of Little Dragon's buds is distinctly tropical, blending notes of mango and citrus into a smoothie-like blend with an extremely sweet flavor.

1 Review
5 months ago
Don't be fool by its' name, Little Dragon is a powerful Sativa Dominant that well have you might feeling something like a Dragon! Little Dragon delivers a shot of relaxation to the body while the mind becomes alert and creative, keeping the user energized throughout the day. Its buds are very hard to break it a part and somewhat "heavy" with a strong citric smell and a smooth earthy citric tea taste.
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