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Little Dragon

Little Dragon

A shockingly potent sativa-dominant hybrid that tastes just like a tropical smoothie


About Little Dragon

Little Dragon is a particularly rare and extremely potent sativa-dominant strain that combines Colombian, Thai, and OG Kush cannabis strains. Experts, however, aren't exactly sure which breeders we have to thank for this particular strain.


Each trichome-covered bud will tend to have a potency of about 24-28 percent THC. The average is typically around 26 percent, so you should use caution the first time that you try this potent strain.


Buds of Little Dragon are emerald green and extremely dense, with each (if grown and cured properly) covered in trichomes. The nugs are usually very small and have varying tones of green throughout. The buds have the appearance you expect from a strain with OG Kush parentage, complete with classic dark orange hairs.

You'll also notice a handful of dark green leaves on the plant, including by the buds, which enhance the uniqueness of Little Dragon.


Patients who have had the opportunity to try Little Dragon describe this strain as particularly uplifting, effortlessly relieving pain while bringing a creative and functional high to its patient. Some describe it as relaxing the body while the mind experiences increased creativity and alertness.

The strain can be energizing, with the cerebral lift typically beginning after only a few hits. The euphoria associated with smoking Little Dragon is extreme, as you are unlikely to be left with any worries. The effects of this strain tend to be well-balanced, providing energy at its peak, then slowly bringing you to a more relaxed state at the end of its effects.

Little Dragon is commonly used to help with arthritis, migraines, and symptoms of ADHD. The high levels of THC also make Little Dragon popular among medical marijuana users who look for that characteristic, including those looking to overcome cramps, inflammation, muscle spasms, and headaches. The energizing nature of Little Dragon makes it incredibly popular among those who suffer from fatigue.

Those who consume Little Dragon should be on the lookout for potential side effects like those you would notice with other cannabis strains, such as potential headaches. You should also keep in mind that while most people find Little Dragon to be energizing, some people to get sleepy after consuming it.

Flavor and Aroma

The aroma of Little Dragon’s buds is distinctly tropical, blending notes of mango and citrus into a smoothie-like blend with an extremely sweet flavor. Breaking apart the buds can be challenging, but doing so will release the scent to a greater extent. You will also notice hints of mint, woodiness, and pungency with a bit of sweetness at times.

Many describe the flavor and aroma of Little Dragon as a situation where you hate it or love it. Some people find it to be harsh, while others just enjoy the flavor. The spicy pepper combines with herbs and the citrus blend, with those former elements frequently causing coughing.

What Else to Know

If you want to try to grow Little Dragon yourself, then you will most likely be out of luck. Since this strain comes from an unknown breeder, you are unlikely to find seeds or clones to get you started. There is also a lack of information on home growing the strain due to the lack of ability to even get the clones or seeds to start you off. Instead, you will have to find the buds at your local dispensary.

Because of its energizing effects, it is best to avoid using Little Dragon right before you go to bed. Instead, use it at any other time of the day to enjoy its effects. Despite the energization, those who smoke Little Dragon caution that it is best to avoid consuming this strain before completing physical tasks.