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Mataro Blue

A Kannabia Seeds indica-dominant strain that will effortlessly relax and sedate you


About Mataro Blue

From Kannabia Seeds comes Mataro Blue, a heavy-hitting mostly indica cross of Blue Monster, Black Domina, and Mazar I Sharif that is said to produce a high yield of potent buds.

Mataro Blue is a physically and cerebrally relaxing cannabis strain known to stimulate a powerful body buzz that tends to induce sleep in those who do this strain.

Buds of Mataro Blue are fluffy, chunky, and large, each long calyx obscured by a dust of shimmering trichomes and small patches of peach trichomes.

When you open a container of Mataro Blue's nugs you'll note that their aroma is simultaneously earthy and sweet, and this bud's flavor takes on a fruity blueberry tone when this strain is smoked or vaporized.