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Mazar I Sharif

A powerfully relaxing indica from Afghanistan that brings unmatched euphoria


About Mazar I Sharif

Named after the city in Afghanistan with the same name, Mazar I Sharif is a CBD-rich indica strain derived from landrace strains from Afghanistan.

Cannabis patients who have tried this strain report that this strain delivers the typical relaxing indica body buzz, but alongside that is a cerebral effect of uninhibited, creative euphoria.

Flowers of Mazar I Sharif tend to have a deep olive green hue that is obscured by a layer of potent, shimmering trichomes and small patches of neon orange pistils that poke between this strain's tightly packed calyxes.

Mazar I Sharif has a scent that is simultaneously earthy and musky, and the sweet flavor of this bud has notes of soothing lavender, sage, and a hint of black pepper.