Mexican Sativa

A unique blend of Durban Poison and Hash Plant that provides an energetic buzz
About Mexican Sativa

Mexican Sativa is a unique sativa-dominant cross of Durban Poison and Hash Plant, rumored to deliver a fast-acting head high.

Initially, expect Mexican Sativa to deliver an energetic buzz that becomes increasingly euphoric throughout the course of the high, often bringing a giggly effect as well.

Flowers of this strain are desaturated green and cone-shaped, each flower dusted in a snow-like frost of trichomes and a few patches of lemon yellow pistils.

Mexican Sativa's scent is particularly earthy and pungent, and when smoked you'll note that this strain takes on a minty lemon-lime flavor with a hint of earthy tobacco.

1 Review
6 months ago
You would think that being a somewhat easy strain to grow, Mexican Sativa would be easy to find, but that's not the case. This rare, Sativa Dominant has a very sweet taste of fruits and spices. With a balanced high that relax and invigorates the body, Mexican Sativa is perfect to end a long day of work.
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