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Moonwalker Kush

A seriously relaxing indica-dominant blend of Triple OG and Tahoe Alien


About Moonwalker Kush

Moonwalker Kush, sometimes called Moonwalker, is an indica-dominant blend of Tahoe Alien and Triple OG that is said deliver an exquisitely relaxing high.

The scent of Moonwalker Kush is delicate and herbaceous, and when vaporized or smoked you'll note the strain's subtle, earthy flavor with unique peppery undertones.

Moonwalker Kush produces saturated lime green calyxes that are broken up by thick orange pistils, each flower delicately encircled by shimmering trichomes.

Patients who have experienced this strain love its deeply relaxing and sleep-inducing effects, which are enhanced by the happy head high this strain produces.