Orange Cookies

A delectable indica-dominant combination of Orange Juice and Girl Scout Cookies
About Orange Cookies

An indica-dominant hybrid strain developed by Franchise Genetics, Orange Cookies is the result of a cross between the notoriously potent Girl Scout Cookies strain with the delicious Orange Juice.

Patients who have tried Orange Cookies report that this cannabis strain delivers a euphoric head effect that relaxes mind and body, thoroughly relieving pain and tension.

Expect Orange Cookies flowers to have a sweet citrus and spicy pepper aroma, and their flavor is generally quite sour, as it blends notes of lemon, lime, and orange with pineapple into a taste resembling tropical fruit salad.

Orange Cookies buds are cone-shaped and lime green, each densely packed calyx is shrouded in shimmering trichomes and patches of reddish pistils.

1 Review
5 months ago
Orange Cookies is an Indica Dominant with dense frosty dark and light green colors with a strong citric smell. Its' effects will quickly mellow the user our, elevating the mood to a happy state as the body becomes slow and "numb" for a long period of time. Orange Cookies tastes like a refreshing Citric Lemon Cookie. This strain is a great evening companion.
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