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This rare sativa-dominant combination of Querkle and Jack's Cleaner can bring unmatched levels of focused bliss


About Qleaner

TGA Genetics is the creator of this fabulous sativa-dominant blend of Jack's Cleaner and Querkle, a strain known for its delectable scent and powerful effects.

Sativa lovers are destined to find this strain's thoroughly uplifting mental and physical high endearing, which makes this strain ideal for daytime medication.

Sometimes called Jack Qleaner, Qleaner's fluffy, round flowers have an olive green color and a hazy halo of shimmering trichomes and deep orange pistils.

Expect this chemical-scented strain to have a THC potency of about 20% and CBD levels of under 1%, and when smoked you can expect these buds to have a refreshing lemon and tropical fruit flavor.