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Jack's Cleaner

A lemon-scented sativa-dominant bud that provides the perfect all day medication


About Jack's Cleaner

Jack's Cleaner is a sativa-dominant hybrid of The Cleaner and Jack Herer, recognized for its golden flowers and bright, euphoric head high.

The story goes, Dave Bowman (of Subcool Seeds), met a guy who went by the name "Skoosh" in the early days of the internet. The two chatted back and forth, before Skoosh offered to trade some of his own stash with Subcool. Skoosh then sent Subcool around 200 seeds of an old school strain named after his moniker, which was a blend of Pluton, Lambs Bread, Purple Haze, and Northern Lights.

Subcool methodically went through all 200 seeds looking for the best genetics, and found a few which were good enough to grow to maturity. One phenotype stood out from the rest that had high resin production and a strong lemon aroma reminiscent of the household cleaner "Mr. Clean". Therefore, Subcool coined it "The Cleaner". Due to a couple genetic weaknesses of The Cleaner like weak steams and a smaller overall size, Subcool bred The Cleaner with a male Jack Herer from Sensi Seeds. From there, Jack's Cleaner as we know it was born.

Patients who have sampled Jack's Cleaner say that this strain is great for those who are looking for a functional all-day high, as this strain provides a euphoric, focused, talkative, and creative head high.

Jack's Cleaner's flowers are a forest green color that is lightened incredibly by the haze of golden trichomes and lengthy pistils that litter the surface of each of these buds.

A sweet lemon scent will come off of each of these potent buds, which have been shown to have THC levels of up to 23% THC.