Sour Diesel

A particularly famous sativa-dominant cannabis strain with thoroughly stimulating buzz
About Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is an incredibly popular sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a genetic history nobody seems to be sure about.

Cannabis connoisseurs who have experienced Sour Diesel report that this strain brings a thoroughly stimulating and uplifted head high alongside a powerful physical buzz.

Sour Diesel's buds are dense and light green with a fluffy outer layer of brownish pistils and translucent trichomes that coat every beautiful calyx of this strain.

This strain's gorgeous flowers have a shockingly pungent diesel scent, but the strain's mild but still earthy flavor is said to be quite pleasant.

1 Review
3 months ago
Who doesn't know about this strain right!!! Sour Diesel is a very popular strong Sativa Dominant strain with dense dark matte green buds with a few dark orange "hairs" covered by a powdery resin layer and a pungent diesel smell. Its effects are quickly to be felt, as the high hits the user with a "relaxation" boost that clears the mind to creativity as the body stays stress free and energized. Sour Diesel is a perfect wake and bake strain, but can be enjoyed whenever a little extra motivation and energy is needed.
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