Sour Dubble

A focusing, invigorating sativa-dominant strain that may have been parented by East Coast Sour Diesel and Sour Bubble
About Sour Dubble

A curious cannabis strain with a very mysterious heritage, Sour Dubble is a sweet sativa-dominant hybrid thought to be descended from Sour Bubble and East Coast Sour Diesel genetics.

Cannabis patients who have been lucky enough to try the somewhat rare strain Sour Dubble have described its effects as invigorating, as it brings forth a focused yet uplifted head high and a tingly physical buzz.

Sour Bubble's flowers tend to be quite attractive, as every inch of their, fluffy cactus green calyxes is absolutely covered in translucent trichomes and golden curly pistils.

The scent of this fabulous strain's buds is skunky like its East Coast Sour Diesel parent, and the fruity flavor it produces is pleasantly sweet.

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