Sour Patch Kiss

A powerful candy-flavored mostly sativa cannabis strain parented by Sour Kush and Kimbo Kush
About Sour Patch Kiss

Created by Elev8 Seeds, Sour Patch Kiss is a sour candy-flavored sativa-dominant cannabis strain that was created when Sour Kush was combined with Kimbo Kush.

The most popular aspect of Sour Patch Kiss is the delicious sour fruit candy flavor that this strain produces, and you can expect this bud's scent to be similarly quite citrusy with added notes of pine.

Sour Patch Kiss's high is uplifting cerebrally and physically it provides a stimulating yet calming body buzz.

This strain's flowers can be rather small, but the strain's fluffy, deep moss green calyxes are each enshrined in a layer of sparkling trichomes and a thick coat of furry red pistils.

1 Review
5 months ago
A popular West Coast strain, Sour OG is a Hybrid strain with small dense green buds and small creamy red-orange "hairs" covered by very thin layer of resin drops and an earthy diesel smell. User will feel this rush of energy hitting the brain, as the mind becomes a bit surprised and confused by what's happening at first but within a few minutes the user will feel motivated and energized as the body stays very "cool" and discomfort free. Sour OG has citric lemon taste with a sour diesel aftertaste that can stays in the tongue for a few minutes.
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