Venom OG


OG Poison was crossed with Rare Dankness to develop this indica-dominant cannabis strain with profoundly soothing effect

About Venom OG

Rare Dankness Seeds developed the indica-dominant hybrid strain Venom OG, which is composed of genetics from the fabulous strains Rare Dankness #1 and OG Poison.

Venom OG's fluffy green buds are each individually tipped with blood red pistils, and all over the surface of each flower is a translucent layer of trichomes.

Patients who have tried Venom OG love the creeping physical relaxation that it brings, and its euphoric head high is also quite popular.

Expect for a pungent aroma of diesel to come from Venom OG, and once smoked the aroma takes on a more refreshing lemon and pine flavor.

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