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White Kush

A fluffy, frosty indica-dominant cannabis strain parented by White Widow and Afghan Kush
About White Kush

White Kush is a highly indica-dominant hybrid strain that was parented by potent hybrids White Widow and Afghan Kush.

Fans of this cannabis strain remark that White Kush's high is completely uplifting and the physical side of this strain is completely and totally relaxing.

White Kush's grass green flowers are fluffy and irregularly shaped, each beautiful calyx is covered with a glistening dust of trichomes and fiery pistils.

Aromas of musky, pungent pine come from White Kush's beautiful buds, and if you smoke this cannabis strain you'll be struck by its delightful pine and berry flavor. 

1 Review
6 months ago
White Kush is a popular Indica Dominant strain with green cigar shape buds covered by long dark orange hairs with a powdery resin layer. Users will feel really good when smoking/vaping this strain as the mind becomes a bit giggly and light weight as the body feels lightly sedated, eliminating stress and discomfort. White Kush has a wet forest smell with a dusty berry flavor.
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