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Blueberry Skunk

Blueberry Skunk

A blend of two classic strains that combines the best of both worlds


About Blueberry Skunk

A blend of the popular strains Blueberry and Skunk #1, this bud is an indica-dominant hybrid that is notable for its high potency and even higher yield.

This tasty strain has tested around 15% THC, but can be even more potent depending on the conditions of its grow.

Blueberry Skunk's buds are medium in size and have a dense popcorn structure, these pale green buds are scattered with light orange pistils and each bud has a thick layer of frosty white trichomes that make them look like tiny snow-covered mountains.

These buds produce a ton of resin, and as soon as you break one up you will smell this sweet strain's pungent skunky blueberry aroma. Patients report that this strain gives a powerful head buzz and a totally relaxing bodily effect.