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Bubba's Gift

Bubba's Gift

Some of the best things in life begin with an accident


About Bubba's Gift

Bubba's Gift was accidentally bred by Humboldt Seeds when a male Bubba Kush accidentally made it into a batch of female Bubba Kush plants that were being grown in the same room filled with female God's Gift plants.

Though it originated as a mistake, Bubba's Gift seems to be a literal gift from God, as this indica-dominant gem delivers a seriously pain-relieving effect that still leaves you feeling focused, functional, and creative.

Bubba's Gift's flowers are a colorful mix of deep olive and eggplant with thick red-toned pistils dotted around the tip and plenty of chunky trichome crystals.

If you need another reason to fall in love with Bubba's Gift, this phenomenal bud flowers in only 6 weeks and is just as happy growing indoors as it is outdoors.