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Corleone Kush

Corleone Kush

A phenomenally strong strain that will keep your mind sharp


About Corleone Kush

Named for the powerful lead family in The Godfather, Corleone Kush is the indica-dominant hybrid of SFV OG Kush and Pre-98 Bubba Kush.

Those who have used it report that Corleone Kush is a heavy-hitting indica, but also has a particularly stimulating cerebral side as well.

This strain has been proven to have 18-26% THC, meaning this strain is very strong, and possibly overwhelming for some patients.

As a plant, Corleone Kush is a fast and fun grow, producing a high yield of potent buds in under 8 weeks.

The buds themselves are a bright grassy green color, obscured by the huge layer of bright white trichomes and orange trichomes that coat the surface of each nug.