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Jawa Pie

A relaxing indica-dominant hybrid that should be enjoyed at night


About Jawa Pie

Ocean Grown Seeds created Jawa Pie, a mint-flavored indica-dominant hybrid of their own Alien Rift with Key Lime Pie that is extremely relaxing.

Jawa Pie thrives on LST (Low Stress Training) particularly during the vegetation state. Upon flowering, the plant may require assistance supporting the buds as they begin to increase in density.

Expect a creative, euphoric head effect from this cannabis strain alongside a shockingly soothing body buzz that sedates and relaxes patients physically and mentally.

This strain's flowers are a saturated olive color, their fluffy structure surrounded by a dust of gem-like trichomes and a few brightly colored pistils.

The scent that comes off of Jawa Pie is very earthy with an invigorating hint of mint, the flavor of this strain is reminiscent of a black mint tea.