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Maui Bubble Gift

An indica-dominant hybrid that is naturally rich in CBD, expect this bud to give you what you need


About Maui Bubble Gift

Originally created in Portland, Oregon, Maui Bubble Gift is CBD-rich indica-dominant hybrid of Bubble Gum, Maui Wowie, God's Gift, and another mysterious strain.

Generally, Maui Bubble Gift's buds test around 8-11% CBD to 7-10% THC and these flowers each have a musky odor and a sweet, floral, and herbaceous berry flavor.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have experience with Maui Bubble Gift report that this strain provides a clear-headed euphoric high and a pain-relieving physical effect.

Maui Bubble Gift's flowers are a desaturated leaf green hue, each round flower densely packed with this strain's calyxes, interspersed with long yellow pistils and patches of chunky trichomes.