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MK Ultra

A beautiful mostly indica strain, perfect for a day of mind-bending relaxation


About MK Ultra

This mind-bending indica-dominant cross of G13 and OG Kush is named after the nefarious mind control program created by the CIA in the 1950s-60s.

Cannabis enthusiasts are likely to love this sedative yet creativity-inducing bud, which produces a happy, dreamy, out-of-this-world cerebral buzz for all who use it.

Flowers of MK Ultra are dense and are verifiably potent, regularly testing between 20-23% THC, each marine green flower completely covered by a glistening golden glow of trichomes and smaller patches of web-like orange pistils.

A classically pungent earthy scent comes from this cannabis strain, and it takes on a more refreshing flavor of sweet maple and pine when this bud is vaporized or smoked.