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Petrolia Headstash

A pure indica strain with Afghani heritage, expect this strain to be blissfully sedative


About Petrolia Headstash

Reeferman Seeds is the creator of Petrolia Headstash, a rare indica cannabis strain said to be derived from Afghani genetics.

Rumored to be a high potency cannabis strain, it is said that Petrolia Headstash's pungent, piney buds possess THC levels of up to 23%.

Petrolia Headstash's effects are reported to creep throughout mind and body, delivering a seriously relaxing buzz and a blissful sense of creative euphoria, before leaving its user in a restful slumber.

Buds of Petrolia Headstash are fluffy, chunky, and tend to be bright chartreuse in color, each with a sparkling crown of trichomes and reddish pistils.