Purple Cheese

An autoflowering indica-dominant child of Blue Cheese, Purple #1, and Lowryder, said to deliver euphoric relaxation


About Purple Cheese

An indica-dominant hybrid strain, Purple Cheese is the autoflowering child of Lowryder, Blue Cheese, and Purple #1 parents.

Bud's of Purple Cheese have a sweet and particularly cheesy flavor, and you can expect this strain to provide a THC potency of about 18-20% and a CBD level under 1%, though some phenotypes of this strain are more CBD-rich.

Cannabis enthusiasts have described this strain's effects as extremely uplifting, inducing a creative, hazy cerebral high that pairs perfectly with the strain's mildly relaxing physical buzz.

Purple Cheese's flowers are a beautiful light green hue, and each of their fluffy trichome-covered calyxes are decorated with long orange pistils.

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