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Bob Saget

Bob Saget

Also known as "The Bob", this bud can seriously make you laugh


About Bob Saget

Named for famous comedian and leading man of Full House, Bob Saget is a cerebrally stimulating bud that won 2nd place in 2016 at the Colorado Cannabis Cup.

This unique bud was created by Tierra Rojo as a cross of S.A.G.E. (Afghani x Big Sur Holy Bud) and Hanis (Kunduz Afghani x 1994 Positronics Hazel x Pre 98 Bubba Kush).

Buds of Bob Saget have a huge, fluffy but very dense bud structure, a sweet chemical smell, and each neon green nug is covered in a layer of chunky crystal trichomes that shimmer in silver and gold.

Patients have reported that this strain has a hazy head effect that lets your mind drift and dream while sedating your entire body.