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Leda Uno

A hybrid from KC Brains that combines a focused head high with a light body buzz


About Leda Uno

KC Brains developed the award-winning mostly sativa strain Leda Uno by crossing a Brazilian Landrace strain with KC 33 and then crossing the resulting strain with a hybrid of Leda and the mostly indica KC 606.

Leda Uno's high begins with a focused euphoric head high, soon followed by a body buzz that gives its user a warm, relaxing, but not weighed down effect.

Flowers of Leda Uno are fluffy and a mix of bright violet and grass green, each completely covered in a hazy array of trichomes and thin winding orange pistils.

Those who have encountered this bud say that its fragrance is earthy and slightly peppery, and the flavor of this strain is like an herbal tea with sweet honey and a hint of fresh squeezed lemon.