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Mako Haze

Mako Haze

A powerful sativa-dominant strain beloved for its ideal daytime buzz


About Mako Haze

Mako Haze is a sativa-dominant creation from Kiwiseeds that is named for the Mako shark, a sea creature known for its quickness and strength.

Cannabis enthusiasts will love the cerebral effects of this strain, as it promotes an energetic and euphoric buzz that makes Mako Haze ideal for daytime medication.

This strain's hue is said to be bright green like the inside of a Kiwi fruit, and each flower's got a layer of iridescent trichomes and large patches of orange pistils.

Mako Haze's fragrance is typically earthy, like fresh soil with a refreshing hint of pine, but when smoked a fresh citrus flavor will greet and surprise you.