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Neville's Haze

This bud is a sativa-dominant strain with mostly Haze genetics, said to provide the perfect morning buzz


About Neville's Haze

From Green House Seeds comes the sativa-dominant strain Neville's Haze, a powerfully invigorating Haze descendent that was named after its creator.

Neville's Haze's flowers are light lime green in color, and each long fluffy bud is speckled by burnt orange pistils and a generous dusting of shimmering trichomes.

Patients who have tried this strain remark that Neville's Haze delivers shockingly energetic effects, alongside a creative, euphoric cerebral high that makes this strain ideal for morning medication.

Expect this strain's buds to have a strong Haze-like odor with underlying notes of sour diesel, and their flavor is similarly pungent but sweeter than the scent would lead one to expect.