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Nevil's Wreck

A sativa-dominant cross of Arcata Trainwreck and Neville's Haze said to deliver a fabulously functional head high


About Nevil's Wreck

Rare Dankness developed Nevil's Wreck by combining Neville's Haze and Arcata Trainwreck (Arcata cut of Trainwreck) into a seriously cerebral sativa-dominant hybrid strain.

This strain's scent is earthy and herbaceous, and the flavor that comes from this strain blends notes of fragrant sage and pine together.

Expect effects of Nevil's Wreck to begin with a pronounced euphoria, leading to a buzz that induces creativity and leaves its user feeling focused and totally functional.

Nevil's Wreck's flowers are lumpy and notoriously fluffy, each one covered in a shimmering fur of trichomes and tipped with burnt orange pistils.