North American Sativa

A broad name for landrace North American sativa strains, which provide bubbly and creative highs


About North American Sativa

North American Sativa is the name for the collection of landrace sativa strains that are native to the North American continent.

Expect these strains to have intensely uplifting and stimulating effects, both mentally and physically, which produce an energetic, productive high.

Flowers of North American Sativa vary quite a bit in terms of their THC and CBD potencies, but you can generally expect these buds to have an emerald green hue and a dense structure, with each one covered in sparkling pistils interrupted by sunflower-colored pistils.

Often, North American Sativa buds have an earthy pungency, and they take on flavors that can be nutty, herbaceous, woody, and even chemical.

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