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Pineapple Fields

Pineapple Fields

A delicious sativa-dominant hybrid strain said to provide an idyllic, uplifting buzz


About Pineapple Fields

Pineapple Fields is a sativa-dominant strain that was originally created by Dynasty Seeds, and is said to combine genetics of Ms. Universe #10 with Kali Snapple.

Buds of Pineapple Fields can be recognized by their bright pineapple aroma and flavor, and THC potency of this strain is rumored to be around 22-25%.

If you are looking for an uplifting strain, you'll love Pineapple Fields' euphoric cerebral effects as well as the stimulating, energetic physical buzz that this strain delivers.

This strain's flowers are chunky and have a deep emerald hue that is brightened by a shimmering coat of trichomes and smaller patches of red pistils.