Raspberry Cough


Ice and a Cambodian landrace strain were crossed to create this berry-flavored sativa-dominant hybrid strain

About Raspberry Cough

The sativa-dominant strain Raspberry Cough was originally created by Nirvana Seeds and is thought to blend Ice with a landrace strain from Cambodia.

Raspberry Cough's effects are well-regarded as thoroughly uplifting, as the strain purports a clear-headed yet blissful high that brings a burst of physical and mental energy to those who use it.

As you may expect, this strain is said to have a distinct raspberry flavor, though the strain's scent is much earthier and more pungent.

Buds of Raspberry Cough tend to be somewhat diminutive in size, but their dense, moss-colored flowers are each decorated with patches of curly pistils and a generous covering of shimmering pistils.

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