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About Ace Seeds

ACE Seeds was created by a group of cannabis lovers and breeders who are keen on studying and preserving the plant, including global landrace strains. The seed company was established in 2004 to 2005.
The company aims to improve genetic diversity in cannabis plants and reduce the endogenous depression of current cannabis strains. To achieve this goal, ACE Seeds offers pure and different genetics. The company has an extensive library of cannabis strains from around the world, which it has carefully preserved in its collection.
The company has its headquarters in Spain. According to ACE Seeds, some of the causes for pure strains disappearing include war, genetic contamination, laws against research, globalization, destruction of natural habitats, and disappearing ancestral cultures. The library aims to overcome this.
ACE Seeds has preservation projects for landraces and develops new hybrids as part of this preservation work. The company specializes in sativa strains, with their classic strains all bred from landraces. It is a careful process that involves preserving and reproducing the landraces in a high-quality and improving their best traits via careful selection of parents. ACE Seeds integrates those traits into its hybrids. Before listing them for sale, the company stabilizes most hybrids by breeding several generations.


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