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Ace Seeds

Ace Seeds

The Cannabis Breeders Association

About Ace Seeds

ACE Seeds is a cannabis seed company based in Spain, that was founded by a group of plant-loving breeders who are passionate about preserving the plant's rich genetic diversity. The company was established in 2004, and its goal is to improve the genetic diversity of cannabis plants and reduce the depression of current strains.

To achieve this goal, ACE Seeds offers pure, unique genetics that are sourced from all over the world. They have an impressive collection of strains, which they've carefully preserved in their own library. This library is their way of combating the forces that are destroying pure strains, including war, genetic contamination, and disappearing cultures.

Their classic strains are all bred from landraces, and they go through a careful breeding process to preserve and improve their best traits. This allows ACE Seeds to create unique hybrids that are stabilized over several generations before they're made available for sale. Some of the strains they've created are Nepalese Jam, China Yunnan, Kali China, and Green Haze.

In short, if you're a cannabis enthusiast who loves unique genetics and the preservation of pure strains, ACE Seeds is the seed company for you!



Rosetown, SK S0L 2V0, Canada