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Nepalese Jam

A citrus-flavored hybrid of Nepalese and Jamaican created by ACE Seeds


About Nepalese Jam

The hardy sativa-dominant hybrid strain Nepalese Jam (sometimes called Nepal Jam) was originally developed by ACE Seeds, and is thought to be a cross of Nepalese and Jamaican '85.

This strain's large green nugs are fast-flowering, and plants of Nepalese Jam are well suited to novice growers due to the strain's natural resistance to fungus, mold, and other common problems.

Nepalese Jam's effects are buzzy and inevitably euphoric, the strain's physical effects induce a tingling, energetic effect in the body while the mind is left in a dreamy haze.

Expect this strain to have a peppery lemon lime aroma, and a sour citrus flavor contrasted with a hint of warm spices.