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Ghost Train Haze

Possibly the most potent sativa-dominant hybrid available, this bud will enlighten you


About Ghost Train Haze

Rumored to be one of the strongest sativa-dominant hybrid strains in the world, Ghost Train Haze, also known as Ghost Train #1, has been shown to test up to 27% THC.

Said to be a blend of Nevil's Wreck and Ghost OG, this strain delivers particularly interesting effects, as it delivers powerful pain relief with its sedative body buzz while delivering a totally psychoactive head effect.

Buds of Ghost Train Haze are huge and surprisingly dense for this sativa-dominant crop, each flower dusted with potent trichomes and a few thin winding pistils.

These flowers give off a lemony, earthy aroma, that tastes somewhat like a sweet lemon drop when vaped or smoked.