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A euphoric strain said to have hallucinogenic effects


About Diablo

A strain that can trace its history to Blueberry, Grapefruit, and a South African Sativa landrace strain, Diablo is an indica-dominant bud that some say possesses psychedelic tendencies.

Each of Diablo's moss-colored buds dense and host to a huge amount of chunky trichomes and lemon yellow pistils, and this strain is said to have a sweet but pungent aroma.

Cannabis enthusiasts love the always euphoric sometimes hallucinogenic effects that Diablo provides, as well as the strain's relaxing body effects.

Diablo tends to be very potent, often testing over 18% THC, so patients who have a low tolerance for THC may find that using too much of this strain makes them feel paranoid, dizzy, or nauseous.