Jack Kush

A cross of Jack Herer and Master Kush that provides a body buzz alongside a motivating head high
About Jack Kush

Jack Kush is a hard-hitting blend of Jack Herer and Master Kush and is said to be a strain that is simultaneously mentally energizing and physically relaxing.

Patients who have tried Jack Kush note that this strain produces a nearly sedative body buzz that soothes and relaxes all muscles in the body, meanwhile a head rush of euphoric energy gives this strain it's cerebrally motivating effects.

Every one of Jack Kush's chartreuse flowers has a thick, dewy frost of trichomes interwoven between bright orange pistils; these buds produce an elegant floral aroma but the taste is distinctly citrus fruits and sage.

1 Review
3 months ago
Jack Kush is a Sativa Hybrid with super frosty buds that are of green of color with some purple hues. Its' high is very clear, keeping the user's brain creative and motivated for a long period of time while keeping the body energized. Jack Kush has a similar Jack Herer smell but a stronger citric taste.
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