Rare Dankness #2

A somewhat rare hybrid with a very versatile high
About Rare Dankness #2

Rare Dankness #2 is a somewhat hard-to-find hybrid cannabis strain that is said to bring an uplifting and versatile buzz.

Fans of this cannabis strain note that it tends to have a creeping and ultimately relaxing body-tingling buzz, and the cerebral side of this hybrid often brings euphoric bliss.

Flowers of Rare Dankness #2 tend to be a medium size, though this strain's irregular lime green nugs tend to be very sticky and densely-packed.

Trichome-covered buds of Rare Dankness #2 tend to produce a floral and sweet scent, and some say that when you vaporize or smoke these buds they take on a rich yet sweet berry flavor.

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