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Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG

A powerful and potent indica-dominant cross of Skywalker and OG Kush that is known for its tingly body buzz


About Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG is a satisfyingly relaxing indica-dominant cannabis strain derived from OG Kush and Skywalker genetics.

The pungent scent that comes off of buds of Skywalker OG has been called earthy and often slightly chemical, but the flavor of this strain is pleasantly sweet.

Cannabis enthusiasts who have tried Skywalker OG note that this strain delivers relaxing and uplifting effects, and a tingly physical buzz that can be stimulating as well as sedating.

THC levels of Skywalker OG's green, fluffy, spade-shaped flowers have been recorded as high as 25% while the CBD potency of this strain is generally under 1%.