Sumo's OG Kush

An indica-dominant strain whose big buds possess genetics from OG Kush and California Kush
About Sumo's OG Kush

A creation of Sumo Seeds, Sumo's OG Kush is an award-winning indica-dominant cannabis strain that crosses the popular west coast cannabis strains California Kush and OG Kush.

Sumo's OG Kush produces oversized, fluffy flowers that tend to be a light green color, and each of them is coated in sparkling, translucent trichomes and a furry layer of orange pistils.

If you're looking for a relaxing yet uplifting strain, you'll love Sumo's OG Kush for the blissful head high and soothing body buzz that this beautiful strain delivers.

The scent of Sumo's OG Kush is skunky, earthy, and pungent, but the flavor of this strain mixes notes of sour-smelling diesel, refreshing pine, and delicious citrus flavors.

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